Saturday, 22 March 2008

A Very Powerful Rimless Armitage Shanks

Well I thought I'd blog some more tonight, and I decided to show you this extremely powerful rimless Armitage Shanks with sensor flush. (Wave over type)
I believe it is a newer batch of rimless Armitage Shanks as the holes are higher, the batch before the current one mentioned in the post below this.
Nothing special about the design, it's the flush and placement I want to talk about.
Strangly, this has been mounted to a box behind the bowl, I think this is because the pipe runs through there.
This is interesting, the sensor is on a box running up from thebox the toilet is mounted on to the ceiling. I'm thinking that this box has a pipe running down it, the toilet is cistern flushed as it wouldn't flush again when I waved over and there is an over-flow pipe on the toilet bowl if you look. So the cistern must be either in the ceiling or behind the tiled wall, I think it is in the ceiling due to the very very high pressure. Your thoughts?
This sensor is also a better one, it only requires one wave over unlike the Armitage Shanks ones.
I will definatly visit this again when I am next in London, just hear the sound and see the pressure:

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