Sunday, 30 March 2008

Older Or Newer? Twyfords

This one was found in the toilets of Marks And Spencers, Leicester.

When I first saw this, it looked like the newest batch of something.
But don't be fooled, like the say, don't read a book by it's front cover. Or at least I think that's how that saying goes ...

Anyway behind the seat and lid, I found the logo, it's a Twyfords, a batch before the newest.
I was very suprised, I was expecting Twyford or Armitage Shanks, mostly Twyford though.

The handle I believe is a Armitage Shanks, I think, might be DVS as the taps were DVS.

The flush sound is the usual sound for this batch of Twyfords. Pressure is good.

Enjoy the video.


Marco The Great said...

I first saw this type of sitting Twyfords back in 1986,with the cursive brand logo.

The next time I saw it was in 1998,where the brand logo was the new batch,with the new brand logo.

This handle seems to be quite common in Hong Kong,I have seen it in a few public toilets.

James said...

I haven't actually seen one of these with the new logo. I was expecting this one to be new as when I walked in the main toilet area, everything is modern.

What year does the new logo originate from?

The handle is also common here, used quite a few times.