Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Rare Armitage Shanks

Well, I was in Leicester the other day and thought I'd reshoot some toilets on my good camera for you, and look at what I found while in Leicester Market public toilets. If you look at the first video with yellow tiles on the 6th post below this, you'll see the toilet from the same toilets but it's modern, I went in there angain and it seems that most cubicles are different, some are renovated and some aren't, I found a floor mounted toilet in one while the others are wall mounted. I will shoot some others next time.

Sorry about the shit on the bowl it was the only vacant cubicle with this bowl.
Look at the logo, it's in the bowl which was usually only found on Victorian toilets, which means this one must be a very very old batch, I wouldn't say Victorian but quite old.

The logo is the older batch, which means it is an older one. Typed out blue letters, not joined up handwritten style.

Same button as last time, all toilet cubicles in the toilet have this one.

Flush isn't too bad, the sound is similar to my favourite one, or a Victory, your thoughts?

Enjoy the video.


Marco The Great said...

I have seen this type of brand logo in a shopping mall built in 1983.

This toilet is probably 25 years old.

I have only seen this brand logo only once.Never seen it again after that.But sad to say,that shopping mall renovated all its toilets.

James said...

I might try and find out when the building was built so I can see how old these are.

This brand logo seems not too common nor too rare at the moment but I suppose the newer Armitage Shanks are going to replace those toilets and wipe out this logo.