Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Favourite Armitage Shanks With a Good Flush

Well I've already shown you my favourite Armitage Shanks, and thought I'd show youthis better one, the video and pictures are better.

As you can see this is much better. These were taken at London Transport Museum, in the non-disabled cubicle near the exit.
This toilet you have to queue for as it's only one of two cubicles shared by both sexes. You have a choice of toilets, this one or in the disabled cubicle, a disabled Twyfords, I recommend this one as it's nicer and less common. Though if you hate wave-over sensors, use the other as it is handle flush.
This picture came out blurry as I had the wrong setting on the camera but it's the Armitage Shanks sensor, commonly found with this toilet bowl, the sensor usually requires you to hold your hand there or wave over twice.
One thing I liked about this toilet is that it refilled the cistern very very quick, I managed to flush it 4 more times whiel I was in there after I took that video. And if your favourite colour is black, you'll like these two cubicles as they are tiled and floored black. it is actually quite nice.
The flush isn't as long as the other one but it's clearer and you can see the water flow better.
Enjoy the video.

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