Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Long Time No See

Well, as the title says, long time no see. Time for me to get this up and going again. As most of you reading this go on my YouTube Channel you will know I can update this a lot. 


Extremely Rare "armitage"

I can't believe it, I found an "armitage", I'd only seen these in Australia on YouTube.

I was in a holiday shop, got bored and had a feeling about the toilet being good, after a while I asked, and got to go to it.

I walked upstairs and looked for the toilet, found it and walked into the cubicle. I thought it was TWYFORDS at first, but realised it was "armitage". You should have seen my face, I was so happy.

I checked the sink to see if that was the same as I had slight suspicion of missing Shanks part, but nope, same.

The bowl I've never seen before on, even with the newer batches. It looks similar to some I have seen though.

As you can see, no faded Shanks below or beside it.

What made it even better was the cistern handle, side and rare and old.
Notice the water pipe in the bottom right-hand corner? It made me think the cistern isn't original, but the building isn't old enough to have an older one, plus it probably went up and to the side, the current one comes down to the side.

Flush power is very good, length, and sound. Enjoy the video.