Friday, 4 January 2008

Leciester Train Station's Armitage Shanks, Platform 3 And 4

Here's another one from my older collection, it's an Armitage Shanks, a model I have never seen before.

The hole looks like a typical Armitage Shanks. It has a different rim, it looks like and old one but it isn't. You can't see the way it looks old from the photo but I might add another one next time I see these. I don't have much to say on the toilet except it has the modern Armitage Shanks logo and it sticks out the wall quite far. Flush and sound are good.

I know what you're thinking, it looks like a round piece of metal on a wall. It's how you flush, it's right against the wall and you have to push it in pretty far. I've never seen this type of button before, I don't like it either it was hard to push it right in.
The toilets were empty so I decided to go round flushing all 5 cubicals and compare the sounds, they all sounded slightly different but this one was the best. I didn't shoot videos of them all as I didn't have time, the train was coming in in a few mins.
Enjoy the video.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

My Favourite Armitage Shanks

I don't blog about every toilet I shoot a video of but I have some random toilets you may like to see so the next few posts are on them. NOTE: These pictures were taken with my OLD camera before I got my new one which means they won't be as high quality as newer photos.

My Favourite Armitage Shanks:
This one is my favourite model of Armitage Shanks toilets, I like the design, flush and sound.

It's a rare one, but I suppose if it was common I wouldn't like it as much. The hole looks different to most toilet holes, I wouldn't call it unique just different. It's like an oval. It uses lots of little holes under the rim to flush unlike some toilets which use larger holes. I like the sounds of the small hole ones, though larger holes can sound good too.
The button extrudes out far but I've seen one of these before but it had a short flush. It's on 'Very Short Flushing Twyfords' on my YouTube.
Here's two videos, the first one is the toilet mentioned above but the next is a dodgy cistern one.
Videos are from my OLD camera too, future videos will be clearer.

Here's the messed up one, it's still my favourite toilet bowl but a broken cistern or button. I didn't take any pictures as it wasn't worth it. But if you listen, I keep pressing the button but it won't respond but when it doesn I had emptyied half the cistern and I got a short but good sounding flush.