Sunday, 30 March 2008

Another Batch Of My Favourite Armitage Shanks?

This one, from London Natural History Museum looks very similar to my favourite Armitage Shanks.
The hole that the rim forms is the same yet the water hole is longer. Logo is the same too.
And instead of being found with the Armitage Shanks sensor I found it with this sucky button.
The flush sound isn't much different though, pressure is good.
Enjoy the video.

Older Or Newer? Twyfords

This one was found in the toilets of Marks And Spencers, Leicester.

When I first saw this, it looked like the newest batch of something.
But don't be fooled, like the say, don't read a book by it's front cover. Or at least I think that's how that saying goes ...

Anyway behind the seat and lid, I found the logo, it's a Twyfords, a batch before the newest.
I was very suprised, I was expecting Twyford or Armitage Shanks, mostly Twyford though.

The handle I believe is a Armitage Shanks, I think, might be DVS as the taps were DVS.

The flush sound is the usual sound for this batch of Twyfords. Pressure is good.

Enjoy the video.

A Rare One, Barrhead

Barrhead, I've only ever seen it once, how about you? I saw this one at the Victoria And Albert museum in London, near the entrance in the underground subway from the tube station.

This was the only cubicle with it, the rest had older batch Armitage Shanks as usual, in a new toilet I check all vacant cubicles, and this was the odd one out.

It looks very similar to Armitage Shanks doesn't it? though on the outside you can see the rim while the others you can't. I suspect the reason this is in here is that either there was an Armitage Shanks here before that got broken and they replaced it with this because it looks similar or they were all Barrhead and the Armitage Shanks replaced them.

The logo looks quite unique, I wonder what it is supposed to look like.

The handle I have come across several times yet I don't know what brand it is, I'm thinking an older Armitage Shanks.

Sound and flush are good, nice pressure.
Enjoy the video.

Old Armitage Shanks With Dudley Tri-Shell High Cistern

I seem to be on a blogging spree this afternoon, enjoy it!

Here's one I'm worried about as it's close to renovation by the looks of it, I had to detour round to it as the whole area is under renovation. (Leicester Museum entrance)
Some idiot didn't flush as you can see, I hate non-flushers, the bastards, it's just pure lazyness. Excuse the language.
The bowl is an older batch of Armitage Shanks, one I also haven't seen before.
Haven't got much to say on the bowl, sounds very good though.
here's the cistern, a Dudley Tri-shell, it's very powerful and good, I don't want it to be replaced with a sucky thing.
There's the logo, it seems that the high level ones have the logo on the righ-hand side while low level have it on the left-hand side because it's traditional to have the handle on the right-hand side here in England.
Here's the handle that you grip and pull, people seem to be fond of ripping it off the chain, it seems to change every time I go there ...
I really love this toilet, I've known it for a good long while but I think it's close to renovation, it's rather unique, to get in the main toilet area (not the cubicle) you have to push a button and the door opens, when you go to leave, it opens by itself without you having to do anything it's very hygenic. The urinal, automatic urinal cistern and sinks are old too.
Though one thing I don't like is the lighting, it's blue to prevent drug addicts, it doesn't turn the whole room blue in this one but I have been in a full blue one and it's horrible, it confuses you, makes you feel slightly sick etc.
Enjoy the video.

Syphonic Twyfords Bathrooms Toilet, Leicester Muesum

Yes, yes, I know there's a picture of this one at the side at the moment, but some more information will be better.

I love the pictures for this one, they came out brilliant, except the logo, they never do ...
The bowl is deeper than it looks, in real life the water level seems quite high.
there is two holes at the back in the rim, you get to see these in the video. The flush sound is similar to that of a syphonic Royal Doulton.

Haven't got much to say about the cistern, has the usual Twyfords handle and it has the logo on the left-hand side.

The logo says "Twyfords
Bathrooms" With a line under it connecting to a semi-circle.

You don't come across toilets like this often, if you see one, be sure to record it.

A Rare Armitage Shanks

Well, I was in Leicester the other day and thought I'd reshoot some toilets on my good camera for you, and look at what I found while in Leicester Market public toilets. If you look at the first video with yellow tiles on the 6th post below this, you'll see the toilet from the same toilets but it's modern, I went in there angain and it seems that most cubicles are different, some are renovated and some aren't, I found a floor mounted toilet in one while the others are wall mounted. I will shoot some others next time.

Sorry about the shit on the bowl it was the only vacant cubicle with this bowl.
Look at the logo, it's in the bowl which was usually only found on Victorian toilets, which means this one must be a very very old batch, I wouldn't say Victorian but quite old.

The logo is the older batch, which means it is an older one. Typed out blue letters, not joined up handwritten style.

Same button as last time, all toilet cubicles in the toilet have this one.

Flush isn't too bad, the sound is similar to my favourite one, or a Victory, your thoughts?

Enjoy the video.

My Favourite Armitage Shanks With a Good Flush

Well I've already shown you my favourite Armitage Shanks, and thought I'd show youthis better one, the video and pictures are better.

As you can see this is much better. These were taken at London Transport Museum, in the non-disabled cubicle near the exit.
This toilet you have to queue for as it's only one of two cubicles shared by both sexes. You have a choice of toilets, this one or in the disabled cubicle, a disabled Twyfords, I recommend this one as it's nicer and less common. Though if you hate wave-over sensors, use the other as it is handle flush.
This picture came out blurry as I had the wrong setting on the camera but it's the Armitage Shanks sensor, commonly found with this toilet bowl, the sensor usually requires you to hold your hand there or wave over twice.
One thing I liked about this toilet is that it refilled the cistern very very quick, I managed to flush it 4 more times whiel I was in there after I took that video. And if your favourite colour is black, you'll like these two cubicles as they are tiled and floored black. it is actually quite nice.
The flush isn't as long as the other one but it's clearer and you can see the water flow better.
Enjoy the video.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

A Very Powerful Rimless Armitage Shanks

Well I thought I'd blog some more tonight, and I decided to show you this extremely powerful rimless Armitage Shanks with sensor flush. (Wave over type)
I believe it is a newer batch of rimless Armitage Shanks as the holes are higher, the batch before the current one mentioned in the post below this.
Nothing special about the design, it's the flush and placement I want to talk about.
Strangly, this has been mounted to a box behind the bowl, I think this is because the pipe runs through there.
This is interesting, the sensor is on a box running up from thebox the toilet is mounted on to the ceiling. I'm thinking that this box has a pipe running down it, the toilet is cistern flushed as it wouldn't flush again when I waved over and there is an over-flow pipe on the toilet bowl if you look. So the cistern must be either in the ceiling or behind the tiled wall, I think it is in the ceiling due to the very very high pressure. Your thoughts?
This sensor is also a better one, it only requires one wave over unlike the Armitage Shanks ones.
I will definatly visit this again when I am next in London, just hear the sound and see the pressure:

The Newest Batch Of Rimless Armitage Shanks

Well, I discovered this the otherday in the newly renovated toilets of Sainburys Supermarket in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I have no videos for this one yet due to the person in the next cubicle making some very unpleasant noises, I shall soon though when I next go to Kettering.

Look at the hole, notice anything different? It's smaller. Compare it to this photo from a batch just before this one, which is from London:

The handle for the newer batch is the same, nothing special, mounted on a nice colour wall though.
[Video coming soon.]