Sunday, 30 March 2008

Another Batch Of My Favourite Armitage Shanks?

This one, from London Natural History Museum looks very similar to my favourite Armitage Shanks.
The hole that the rim forms is the same yet the water hole is longer. Logo is the same too.
And instead of being found with the Armitage Shanks sensor I found it with this sucky button.
The flush sound isn't much different though, pressure is good.
Enjoy the video.

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Marco The Great said...

This looks quite similar to the 1983 batch of sitting Armitage Shanks that was very common in Singapore back then.

It is probably a remake of it as the flushing sound seems to be quite close.

As this toilet has the latest Armitage Shanks brand logo,I believe it is newly made.

I wonder if it is a trend now to remake old toilets...