Sunday, 30 March 2008

Old Armitage Shanks With Dudley Tri-Shell High Cistern

I seem to be on a blogging spree this afternoon, enjoy it!

Here's one I'm worried about as it's close to renovation by the looks of it, I had to detour round to it as the whole area is under renovation. (Leicester Museum entrance)
Some idiot didn't flush as you can see, I hate non-flushers, the bastards, it's just pure lazyness. Excuse the language.
The bowl is an older batch of Armitage Shanks, one I also haven't seen before.
Haven't got much to say on the bowl, sounds very good though.
here's the cistern, a Dudley Tri-shell, it's very powerful and good, I don't want it to be replaced with a sucky thing.
There's the logo, it seems that the high level ones have the logo on the righ-hand side while low level have it on the left-hand side because it's traditional to have the handle on the right-hand side here in England.
Here's the handle that you grip and pull, people seem to be fond of ripping it off the chain, it seems to change every time I go there ...
I really love this toilet, I've known it for a good long while but I think it's close to renovation, it's rather unique, to get in the main toilet area (not the cubicle) you have to push a button and the door opens, when you go to leave, it opens by itself without you having to do anything it's very hygenic. The urinal, automatic urinal cistern and sinks are old too.
Though one thing I don't like is the lighting, it's blue to prevent drug addicts, it doesn't turn the whole room blue in this one but I have been in a full blue one and it's horrible, it confuses you, makes you feel slightly sick etc.
Enjoy the video.


Marco The Great said...

This is a great toilet.I love the flushing sound.

It can be seen that the grip handle was replaced.It is really annoying that people pull it so hard that it breaks.

I find that the original Shires grip handles look the most beautiful.But they are so rare.

I thought this was the 1976 Armitage Shanks that I was looking for,but it is not.That one has a more squarish water hole while this one is more rounded.

This is probably the 1981 model.But this model is also very rare.I have not seen it since the last time I saw it 15 years ago.

James said...

Yes, the sound is one of my favourites.

Yes I think the original handle was by Dauntless. Then it got changed to another type, bare chain, another type, bare chain, this type. People shouldn't pull so hard, the cistern flushes easily with a normal pull.

Yes I've only pulled one of the rare Shires handles, the ones that are round at the bottom but go flat further up.

I shall keep an eye out for one with a more squarish water hole.

This is the only time I've seen this model, I bet the rest get renovated.