Sunday, 30 March 2008

Syphonic Twyfords Bathrooms Toilet, Leicester Muesum

Yes, yes, I know there's a picture of this one at the side at the moment, but some more information will be better.

I love the pictures for this one, they came out brilliant, except the logo, they never do ...
The bowl is deeper than it looks, in real life the water level seems quite high.
there is two holes at the back in the rim, you get to see these in the video. The flush sound is similar to that of a syphonic Royal Doulton.

Haven't got much to say about the cistern, has the usual Twyfords handle and it has the logo on the left-hand side.

The logo says "Twyfords
Bathrooms" With a line under it connecting to a semi-circle.

You don't come across toilets like this often, if you see one, be sure to record it.


Marco The Great said...

Yes,this toilet is very rare and old.It is 35 years old.I saw it once at Excelsior Hotel,Hong Kong,which was built in 1973.

The cistern is not original.It should come with an Armitage Shanks cistern with the handle at the side.

It's a pity I didn't have my video cam back then when I was staying there.

James said...

Wow, that is old.

I will try to find out the age of the building, that should give the years of how long that toilet has been in there.

I actually thought this was the original cistern. I think the handle may have been changed since I last went but last time it was at the front. I think the handle is the newer type as the newer ones have a more square corner (The bit closest to the seat)

Yes, but at least we have records of one now.

And I when on MSN messenger today, Matthew told me he found a siphonic Armitage Shanks with the logo of the toilet below. He has it on video sadly his computer wouldn't detect the camera today. I can't wait to see it.