Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Midland Mainline Meridian Trains Vacuum Toilets

These are the newer vacuum toilets found on Midland Mainline Meridian Trains, the older vacuum toilets have a more goldy effect. The even older toilets are ceramic and flush like a normal toilet but drop through onto the track once it goes through the u-bend.
These ones flush by spraying water round the bowl to push all waste by the hole (from the 5 nozzels around the top of the bowl) and creating a vacuum. After enough pressure has been created it will suddenly suck the contents out with a loud bang. If anything gets stuck in the hole it will start to create another vacuum more powerful and suck it all out again if that doesn't succeed then it goes again and so on.
The flush button has lights to indicate when the toilet is ready (when you press it the lights go out), if it gets blocked and hasn't cleared it fully out the hole then the lights stay out until the pipe is clear. Pressing it while lights are out won't do anything. The button is usally located to the left of the toilet.

A Common Urinal and Toilet

As you may know Armitage Shanks is way to common. And here is the effects of it, a common boring urinal. Even though urinals I don't really like these are too common. There's larger versions of these aswell. Most Armitage Shanks have boring but effective designs, as you will see when I post about the toilet bowl.
There's a close up, as you can see it's pretty boring unlike the nicer older ones with good designs.
There's a close up of the latest logo, the older one can be found on the toilet with the backwards handle.

There's a far out view of a common Armitage Shanks toilet bowl. I hate these, they sound good but the have a boring and horribe design. It also has the most popular handle out.

There's the other cubical, it's the same bowl but differen't handle. This one also has a broken flush.
That is a view of the inside, the hole is designed well as it is hard to block up (not that I've tried but seen people trying to overflow them, I hate it when people that do that) but it isn't a very appealing toilet. These are everywere, I never bother shooting them as they aren't worth it. But I have two videos for those who want to see them. They are Morrisons Mens toilets and Morrisons Full Toilet Shoot.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

What a toilet trip! Continued ...

... lets continue with my pictures and info from my toilet trip today.

The brandless toilet at Bakers Oven
Well it's disgusting alright, brandless aswell 'till I can get some more information.

The picture came out yellow due too the bad lighting.

Anyway this horrible thing came from Bakers Oven, the flush is way too short and it is messed up. This use to be kept clean and tidy then suddenly it went downhill.

Here's a close up, that's not my paper. I'd say this is a typical toilet bowl.
I personally hate this toilet.

McDonalds Backwards Handle Toilet

This is an older version of the rimless Armitage Shanks, the flush and sound sucks on this thing. I only got the photo and video because it has a different logo and the handle is on backwards.

The brand logo is older and blue not black, most of the older Armitage Shanks have this logo including the sinks.

Well there it is the backwards handle, you still have to push it down. It's on the right hand side but it faces the wrong way, making it difficult for people trying to flush the toilet while videoing them as you have to cross your hand over (unless you are left handed) to flush it.


Fullers Cafe Armitage Shanks
This one had the same logo as the toilet on the above post, but the bowl is different design.

It's equipped for the disabled even though it just says Gents on the outside.

It sounds good and flush isn't too bad either.
The cistern has a different handle to what it'd normally have.


The Smaller Pay Toilet With a Hole
I won't really need to explain this one it's the pay toilet with a hole this time.

Well the seat cleaner works but not the bowl, sorry there is crap all round the bowl. It's always like this.
This sink is much better than the other smaller one.
And the opening handles, both work I don't see the need for two and you don't need to hold like it says on the other sign!
Well that's everything, hope you enjoyed that!

What a toilet trip!

Marco has been telling me about toilet trips so I decided to go on one and it was worth it!
I got some great finds for you all!
Rare High Level Toilet With BELL SIPHON!
Now this one is my favourite. It has the rare high level cistern with a bell siphon.

Finding this toilet made my day I was so happy when I saw it. It is located at the library in Kettering, Northamptonshire, for those who want to see it. You have to ask if you can use their toilet and they take you to this.
As mentioned above it has a high level cistern using a bell siphon, it is also combined with my favourite brand of toilets! Royal Doulton!
This is what cisterns with the bell siphon look like, you can see the bit at the bottom where the bell is held. These are so rare this is the second one I've only seen in my whole life! I got very excited when I saw this. Flushing it was fun, it's lovely and loud very powerful aswell.

Here's the handle, it's the original one aswell. Modern ones don't have this, it's a rare sight.

The bowl looks like a modern one but it isn't, it's Royal Doulton. This one doesn't have a very long hole like most of the other Royal Doultons I've seen. I'd say this bowl is rare.
Just a picture of the logo.

Enjoy the video!

RARE Royal Doulton Childs Toilet

Ever seen a toilet this small? Neither had I until I found this.

It is in the ladies toilets at the Sunday School buildings in Rothwell Northamptonshire. I had to sneak in there while no one was in there. They aren't used much anyway. (My mum kept watch for me aswell)

Sadly the seat has been cracked in half by vandles.

Here's the cistern, it's low level. It looks like the original too me and the handle aswell.
This picture shows a good view of the bowl. You can just see the logo, I forgot to get a close up but it is just like any other Royal Doulton logo round here.

The hole is way too big, I'm unsure of it's flushing cababilities. It has reasonable pressure, and it flushes good with a small bowl like that.


Royal Doulton in Gents
Here's the regular sized toilet in the gents, it's Royal Doulton again and has the same cistern as the other.

If you look, the hole is off shape and square-ish. Don't know why that is.


Twyfords Toilet and Urinal
Well at the methodist church in Rothwell there was an event going on so I thought I'd go in and shoot a video, get some brand logos and a video for you.

It looks just like a normal toilet too me, quite modern not old.

It's very powerful though, it splashes back sometimes, the handle gives a nice springy effect when you push it.
There's the handle, it's a Twyfords one again. I think this toilet has all it's original parts to it.
I'm unsure if the bowl is Twyfords but I think it is, and no that isn't my paper.
Here's a close up of the badge on the cistern.
Here's one of the urinals, it has the same design as the other urinal I posted but different logo like Marco said.
I am going to make another post with some more pictures from my toilet trip as this one is a bit too long ...

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Plotter Table's Royal Doulton

This nice Royal Doulton was found in Plotters Table cafe.
It has a Royal Doulton cistern aswell, I've never seen one with a cistern.
This was getting worn out and the handle was going all funny and wouldnt flush well but luckely the shop owners fixed it.
Now this is the logo on the bowl, I have no idea what era this is from but that is the logo I seem to see on all Royal Doultons. It's blue not black, that's just the camera doing that. Marco told me that older toilets have their logos facing outwards but this one faces up like a modern one. That theory isn't always right then, but most times it is.
This is the cistern logo, it's a bit off coloured but you can still see it, and it's blue again not black.
It seems it has got turned round by someone. If you look at this one and the bowl, this one doesn't have "Vitreous China" while the bowl does.
Now, onto the flush.

As I said it has had it's handle fixed so the siphon may have been changed. The flush does sound good but it doesn't have enough power to flush everything away, as I kept finding paper left over in there from the previous user. But still Royal Doulton is my favourite brand so I'm not going to miss a chance to get a photo and video of it.
Video #1:

Video #2

Friday, 9 November 2007

Granite Armitage Shanks

Ever seen a toilet made fully out of granite? No? Well now you can!

The granite toilet in all it's glory.
This extremely rare toilet is made fully out of granite, the seat is aswell. If you have ever seen a rimless Armitage Shanks it is like them.
A closer view.
These sound very very bad and have poor flushing, the sound may be due the cistern but the flush may be the shape of the bowl and the holes.
A full close up, you can see the granite and holes. (And is that a penny?!)
It's basically a granite version of the rimless ceramic ones. It looks like it has a rim but it isn't, the seat is a piece of granite shaped like a seat and you can't lift it.

The handle. (I have no idea why the bowl came out yellow then, my phone's been doing that a lot recently)

That there is the most common back-to-wall handle, I believe it is Armitage Shanks, it's used everywhere now.
Again I have no idea why the bowl is yellow in that shot.