Saturday, 17 November 2007

What a toilet trip! Continued ...

... lets continue with my pictures and info from my toilet trip today.

The brandless toilet at Bakers Oven
Well it's disgusting alright, brandless aswell 'till I can get some more information.

The picture came out yellow due too the bad lighting.

Anyway this horrible thing came from Bakers Oven, the flush is way too short and it is messed up. This use to be kept clean and tidy then suddenly it went downhill.

Here's a close up, that's not my paper. I'd say this is a typical toilet bowl.
I personally hate this toilet.

McDonalds Backwards Handle Toilet

This is an older version of the rimless Armitage Shanks, the flush and sound sucks on this thing. I only got the photo and video because it has a different logo and the handle is on backwards.

The brand logo is older and blue not black, most of the older Armitage Shanks have this logo including the sinks.

Well there it is the backwards handle, you still have to push it down. It's on the right hand side but it faces the wrong way, making it difficult for people trying to flush the toilet while videoing them as you have to cross your hand over (unless you are left handed) to flush it.


Fullers Cafe Armitage Shanks
This one had the same logo as the toilet on the above post, but the bowl is different design.

It's equipped for the disabled even though it just says Gents on the outside.

It sounds good and flush isn't too bad either.
The cistern has a different handle to what it'd normally have.


The Smaller Pay Toilet With a Hole
I won't really need to explain this one it's the pay toilet with a hole this time.

Well the seat cleaner works but not the bowl, sorry there is crap all round the bowl. It's always like this.
This sink is much better than the other smaller one.
And the opening handles, both work I don't see the need for two and you don't need to hold like it says on the other sign!
Well that's everything, hope you enjoyed that!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the sorry about the crap being all round the bowl

I like this old fash hand drying/toilet paper system, its kind of scary looking because of its age

James said...

I think the toilet paper is like that because the whole cubical gets sprayed with water, but the handwashing is funny. You have to find the sensor to start the water, the hand dryer is always running. It's cold too, I think it's being used as a fan!

Anonymous said...

Cold hand dryer sounds so silly haha, but also the whole cubicle gets sprayed :O thats insane :O

James said...

Cold hand dryers are horrible, except those dyson Airblade things. Now they are fun.

Yup, as you can see the floor is soaked so is the seat and the door is usally wet aswell. If toilet paper is hanging out then that is wet aswell!

Anonymous said...

Dyson airblade things?lo, I have never come across this :O

Thats gross..soggy from the floor toilet papers ewwww ! I hope I never come across THAT lol

James said...

Dyson Airblades are the handdryers that dry your hands with cold air (it doesn't feel it) at the speed of 400mph with a width of an eyelash!

It's clean water with disenfectant but as you can see some toilet paper is on the floor, I don't think it cleans it very well.
I once found a half eaten burger in a larger pay toilet once!

Anonymous said...

Thats just the place to find a half eaten burget too I can see this lol , wow, I wish I could find some great toilets like this :D

D said...

I like that very detailed information!