Saturday, 10 November 2007

Plotter Table's Royal Doulton

This nice Royal Doulton was found in Plotters Table cafe.
It has a Royal Doulton cistern aswell, I've never seen one with a cistern.
This was getting worn out and the handle was going all funny and wouldnt flush well but luckely the shop owners fixed it.
Now this is the logo on the bowl, I have no idea what era this is from but that is the logo I seem to see on all Royal Doultons. It's blue not black, that's just the camera doing that. Marco told me that older toilets have their logos facing outwards but this one faces up like a modern one. That theory isn't always right then, but most times it is.
This is the cistern logo, it's a bit off coloured but you can still see it, and it's blue again not black.
It seems it has got turned round by someone. If you look at this one and the bowl, this one doesn't have "Vitreous China" while the bowl does.
Now, onto the flush.

As I said it has had it's handle fixed so the siphon may have been changed. The flush does sound good but it doesn't have enough power to flush everything away, as I kept finding paper left over in there from the previous user. But still Royal Doulton is my favourite brand so I'm not going to miss a chance to get a photo and video of it.
Video #1:

Video #2


Marco The Great said...

This is a newer batch of Royal Doulton,comparing to those I shot on photo.

I believe this belongs to the 1960s era.The older Royal Doultons tend to have more complex brand logos.

The flush is really powerful,considering its age.It is a wonderful post!

Marco The Great said...


James said...

I thought it looked newer, it doesn't look as old as some.

Most Royal Doultons here have that brand logo, they must all be from the 1960s then.

Hahaha, the shall always rule! I'm actually looking to buy one a Royal Doulton...