Friday, 9 November 2007

Granite Armitage Shanks

Ever seen a toilet made fully out of granite? No? Well now you can!

The granite toilet in all it's glory.
This extremely rare toilet is made fully out of granite, the seat is aswell. If you have ever seen a rimless Armitage Shanks it is like them.
A closer view.
These sound very very bad and have poor flushing, the sound may be due the cistern but the flush may be the shape of the bowl and the holes.
A full close up, you can see the granite and holes. (And is that a penny?!)
It's basically a granite version of the rimless ceramic ones. It looks like it has a rim but it isn't, the seat is a piece of granite shaped like a seat and you can't lift it.

The handle. (I have no idea why the bowl came out yellow then, my phone's been doing that a lot recently)

That there is the most common back-to-wall handle, I believe it is Armitage Shanks, it's used everywhere now.
Again I have no idea why the bowl is yellow in that shot.



Marco The Great said...

This toilet is really interesting.It seems that the sitting toilets in your country are cleaner than those here.

I feel that Singaporeans are not qualified to use sitting toilets if they don't lift up the seat before reliving themselves.

James said...

I thought "What the heck is that?!" the first time I saw them.

They do tend to be cleaner here most times but the seats arn't usally the best though.

Don't most people lift the seats then? It may be because squatting toilets don't have seats or anything. Some people don't here but they are usally up, disabled toilets are the cleanest though as they are used less.

Anonymous said...

woah, its a great color