Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Cisterns at Abby Pumping Station

I forgot to put these in last post, but I thought I'd put the seperatley.

The Bell Siphon:

The bell siphon is an old fashoned way of flushing, it works by lifting the bell up letting water into the tube and down the pipe which creates a siphon in the cistern.

The modern siphon:

This is the inside of a modern siphon, it works in a similar way. When the handle is pushed down it forces water up and round the bend pulling water in from the cistern creating a siphon.
That cistern is a very cheap plasticy one. Very noisy when they refill aswell.
Here's one in a wood cistern, it's made of metal and would work in a similar way.
Sorry I couldn't get these up, I've been having problems.


Marco The Great said...

Wonderful cisterns,I really like them.It's a pity I don't have to chance to flush them.

To get a "feel" of the flushing and to find out how powerful is the pressure.

James said...

I wish I could flush another, they are very powerful and loud.

They feel slighty different to other cisterns, probably due to how heavy the bell is.

D said...

As a toilet connoisor perhaps you would like to see

I just discovered your blog and will read it from now on. Very interesting posts, I'll link your page on my blog if you don't mind.

Toiletological regards

P.S. Perhaps we should create a worldwide toiletological network with Marco, Dany and other enthousiasts.

James said...

Thanks, I've just linked to yours. You have a lot of toilets on there. :)

A toilet website with all us working on it? That sounds good, we'll have to plan it out between us all.

Anonymous said...

What is a siphon james?