Friday, 26 October 2007

The Toilet Of My Hometown Rothwell

Well here it is, the disgusting public toilet of Rothwell.
That isn't excrement on the floor or seat, the seat has been spray painted and the floor is just leaves from outside.
It's metallic and brandless. Don't let the shine make it look clean, this is one dirty toilet. It smells really bad and I mean bad I had to hold my breath in there. There is low pressure due to flushing sytem and the sound is bad. This was actually cleaned yesterday, but they never do a good job of it. This place needs knocking down and rebuilt...maybe one of those automatic self cleaning toilets would be nice here. Someone had also peed in the sink, I didn't fancy using that!
What is suprising is the paper content in the corner...
The video of it flushing can be found here. Or at the bottom of this page with my other toilets.

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Anonymous said...

This is quite an atumnal looking bog, I quite like it :)

I posted one of your toilets again today thanks for that ! :) It sounds ace !