Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Toilet Exhibit at Abby Pumping Station

Last night I went to Abby Pumping station and there was a toilet exhibit there, I got some photos and videos of a display toilet and the ones for use.
Twyfords Pan Closet:

This is the Twyfords Pan closet, the sign says: TWYFORDS PAN CLOSET

The china pan is mounted on a hollow cast iron pedestal. Flushing occured by raising the handle on the right side. This operated a weighted lever mechanism. Formerly in use at Upton House Farm, Upton. it dates from about 1855.
I'd say it's a nice example of a floral pattern bowl but I have a better one comming up!
The Deluge Closet:
Now this is a toilet! I think it's by Royal Doulton, not sure I couldn't get a photo of the sign. This is a very nice toilet, old design, floral pattern. I wish they still had these now, they'd look really nice in an old bathroom.

Long Hopper Closet:

This very deep toilet bowl is a 'long hopper' can tell why it got that name, imagine how high it would be to sit on!
The cone shaped panwas flushed by a narrow spiral of water, which according to Stevan Hellyer, a late 19th century writer of plumbing books, the water was flushed with a twirling motion but by the time it has reached the bottom of the trap it had no energy to carry away the contents. The date is pre 1870 and it was is use at Thornton, Leicester.
The Other Toilets:
Here's the other toilets that were there.

This one looks nice, very deep bowl. Didn't know what the brand was.

This one did have a brand but I can't remember it, again it's quite nice but not as good as some.
The flushable toilet:
The display one wasn't very good, it was very green with alge. Never been cleaned I'd say! it smelt aswell. Tempormental flush, it can take several pulls. Sorry about the background sound.

The Deep Bowl Disabled Toilet:

This interesting toilet can be found in the ones for use. The bowl is very deep, flush is quite good though. Very loud.


Anonymous said...

I really dislike black toilet seats I think they are like a vision from the dead or something lol

James said...

I hate them aswell, white are better as you can tell if they are dirty or not. Wooden are nice though.