Thursday, 25 October 2007

What Automatic Pay Toilets Are Like

Well today I went to a pay toilet and thought I'd get some photos and show you what they are like inside.

They cost 10p to use but it can be worth it if you hate really dirty public toilets, they are cleaned after each use. The toilet bowl is scrubbed and disenfected including the seat the floor and walls are washed aswell so if someone makes a mess it is cleaned up.

The sign above the toilet bowl.

It is now illegal to smoke anywhere in public with 3 walls or more, so you can't smoke in these. They have an anti-loiter system which means you only have a certain amount of time in there before the door opens and it cleans itself. There is usally a 2 or 5 minute warning alarm before the door opens so you don't get caught with your trousers down while on the toilet. There is no flushing while you are in there so if someone goes in with a child (two adults aren't allowed and children under 10 aren't allowed in on their own either) and they both use the toilet then the previous users waste will still be in there until it flushes when they leave.

The very clean toilet bowl.

Here's what the toilet bowl is like, very clean and safe to use. That white flap is where the toilet cleaning brush comes out of to clean the toilet. The whole bowl tips up to get rid of the contents, water then sprays through the same whole the waste goes out of to fill the bowl again. If someone peed all over the seat it would be cleaned off for the next user.

The area around the toilet.

This is the area around the toilet it has grab rails and the toilet paper dispenser, some even have a baby changing table.

The sink area.
Here's the sink, hand dryer and bin. It's all automatic but the water is freezing! Just place your hands under and the water and soap will turn on then the hand dryer while the water is still going. The bin is the flap next to the sink.
Hope you enjoyed that! I will try to get some photos of the outside and of a smaller version.

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