Monday, 29 October 2007

The Smaller Pay Toilet Without A Hole!

Here's one of the smaller pay toilets. Again it costs 10p to use, but you only have 15 minutes this time. There is another version of these with a bowl like the larger pay toilets. I'll get some photos next time I use it.
Here's the toilet bowl, yep it looks nothing like a toilet. The things on the side are for sitting on and they are disenfected after each use. No hole there, it flushes by tipping the whole bowl into the back of the cubical and spraying and disenfecting it. I'd say it also doubles as a sink, as you can't fit your hands into the hole where water comes out for washing.

Over to the right is the hand wash thing. Wouldn't call it a sink as it's just a little spout above that green button. So when you press the button water pours down and you wash your hands in it, can't fit my hands in very well though so I tend to take some water and wash my hands over the toilet bowl. There's no hand dryer either. So I use the cubical heater!

On the left is the sign that tells you about the toilet, strangely you can through things into the toilet bowl this time... probably as there isn't a bin. Patent pending eh?


Marco The Great said...

This looks really intersting.It is the first time I ever saw this type of toilet.

Great job!

James said...

Thanks, this was actually the first time I've seen a pay toilet with a bowl and hand was like that.
The others all have holes.