Saturday, 27 October 2007

The clocks are going back an hour! And it's my birthday soon!

Yes it's finally that time of year when we gain an extra hour of sleep in bed, as you can see I accidently set my blog clock back an hour a day early but I left it because there isn't really any point in changing it. It's also getting darker earlier, which for some reason I like. I don't really get why we have to change the clocks round it's just to annoying, can't it just be one set time? (Not literly I mean losing and gaining an hour.)
I wish all clocks could be like computer clocks and adjust them selves instead of us going round messing with them.

My birthday is also coming up on 4th November (lucky me I get fireworks on my birthday as it's Bonfire Night the next day!) Maybe I'll go round looking at all my favourite toilets and seeing new ones and getting more photos and videos. Hopefully I might get something good...

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