Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A Common Urinal and Toilet

As you may know Armitage Shanks is way to common. And here is the effects of it, a common boring urinal. Even though urinals I don't really like these are too common. There's larger versions of these aswell. Most Armitage Shanks have boring but effective designs, as you will see when I post about the toilet bowl.
There's a close up, as you can see it's pretty boring unlike the nicer older ones with good designs.
There's a close up of the latest logo, the older one can be found on the toilet with the backwards handle.

There's a far out view of a common Armitage Shanks toilet bowl. I hate these, they sound good but the have a boring and horribe design. It also has the most popular handle out.

There's the other cubical, it's the same bowl but differen't handle. This one also has a broken flush.
That is a view of the inside, the hole is designed well as it is hard to block up (not that I've tried but seen people trying to overflow them, I hate it when people that do that) but it isn't a very appealing toilet. These are everywere, I never bother shooting them as they aren't worth it. But I have two videos for those who want to see them. They are Morrisons Mens toilets and Morrisons Full Toilet Shoot.

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