Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My Home Toilets

I haven't talked about these on here much, there is some pics of them on Toilet Roast though

It's one sucky toilet. The flush is terrible. You put some paper in and it can take two FULL flushes to clear it. It used to flush better until I flushed it one day and the handle snapped which meant we had to remove the siphon because it uses a rare side handle. So we got a dual-flush drop valve which means the pressure of the flush depends on the height of water in the cistern, when it gets lower the pressure goes down and the flush ... improves. That's not a typo, it does improve. There is too much pressure on this one, usally you can't get too much but this is the only toilet that does this.

The hole shape causes lots of blockages. It's a really cheaply designed sucky toilet. I want our old one back, it may have been dark orange but it still functioned better.

Here's the buttons, on the left-hand-side of the cistern. In place of the handle. The bottom button is full-flush and the top is half-flush. They work fine and are rare to have on the side of the cistern but I would love to have the good ol' handle flush back.

but one thing I like is the slow close seat, it can just be dropped and it won't slam. 'Saved the seat a few times from being dented and broken.

Now I shall tell you about the good toilet which is downstairs and doesn't get used much because it's too cold out there. (Opoligies for the motion blur on these next two pics, my fault I moved while taking them and didn't realise.)
This one is designed better and flushes better, doesn't block and pressure is the same througout the flush. i haven't got much to say except it is a VitrA and made in Turkey.
As you can see the hole is different. Much better.


David said...

Oh my god, I think we must have been born on the same sign!

There are a few other toilet quizzes as well as the one I sent you on Youtube, and they were just put in a single category so now all together.

If you haven't got it you should try and look for the book called the Bathroom by Alexander Kira. A must have for all enthusiasts.

James said...

Another toilet enthusiast? The more the better. I don't think I've seen you on YouTube before, what user are you? I haven't had any quizzes I think, maybe a sending error. I'll have to go check my inbox.

Thanks, I'll keep a look out for that. I currently have some books on toilets. One good one is called "The Compleat Loo" by Roger Kilroy. Soem good information and pictures in there.