Monday, 24 December 2007

'Adams & Co' Flushable Urinal With High Cistern

As you can tell I don't post much on urinals, only the logos mainly. But this one really deserves to be on here and YouTube.

Basically, it is two troughs. The top one has 4 holes in total, two where there cistern pipe connects and two at the other end, a drain and a hole for more water to come out and rinse the drain right out. When you flush all three inlet holes spray water at an incredible pressure. The first two spray with so much force the water in the upper trough goes flying to the other end. Once it is at the upper drain it goes down the hole and through a pipe into the trough below and goes along and finally falls down into the sewer. You'll see all this in the video.

The cistern is the same as the toilet one but this one is missing the lid, it is also high cistern. As you can see it's manual flush but because men here are used to urinal flushing them selves this isn't an effective method. It is good powerful loud cistern though.
Enjoy the video.

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