Monday, 24 December 2007

'Doulton & Co Limited, The Simplicitas'

I hope you enjoy these next few posts, they're on some very old toilets that I found.

Wow, what a find! I went to one of the Grand Central Railway stations and found this, a rare beautiful 'Doulton & Co Limited, The Simplicitas' toilet with a high cistern.

It's a bit cracked on the rim but still a beauty. Still got a good flush and the original logo is still there.

If you look above the logo there is a hole, you can't see it very well on the photo but it's visible. Water squirts out of that hole, I have no exact idea why but I've seen it on a few toilets.

Here's the cistern, I'm unsure of the brand but it's an old one. I haven't got much to say on this cistern, except the handle is on the left-hand side.

I'm glad this toilet is in a place like this, it's preserved and safe from demolition. The toilets atmosphere is really good. Everything is old, tiles sink, urinal (You'll see that in the next post) paper towel holder, soap is made to smell like it used to years ago. I love this toilet, apart from being in the ladies one to shoot a video of that I spent most of my time in the gents flushing it.
Enjoy the video.

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