Monday, 24 December 2007

'The Lion, the New Improved Washdown Closet'

This one was found in the ladies (yes, I snuck in there, it's historical anyway so it doesn't exactly matter) Anyway, it's called 'The Lion, the New Improved Washdown Closet' I haven't heard of this one before unlike 'The Simplicitas' . This one has a great flush, and sound. It makes some unique sounds near the end of the flush.
The bowl looks old but not as old as 'The Simplicitas' I prefer the design of 'The Simplicitas' but I prefer the flush on this one.
There's the logo, not as complicated as 'The Simplicitas' .
It's cistern is incredibly high and I think it has a bell siphon because there was that clanging sound they make but the shape of a bell siphon cistern isn't there. The cistern is higher than it looks I just used zoom to get a better look. The chain was very very long too, it came quite low down.
Sorry for the dark video, the lighting was sucky in there.


David said...

Great to see some of the good old designs still around. And this was in a public loo? Amazing!

James said...

This isn't a public one, it's located at one of the Great Central Railway stations, it's preserved so it's safe from renovation or demolition. I'd be quite mad and upset if they renovated this.