Saturday, 5 April 2008

Subway, A Place That Doesn't Like To Clean Toilets

Well, if you haven't already seen my video about the state of the toilets, here's a blog post about it. (And the toilet bowl and cistern itself)

Kettering has two Subways one on Dalkeith Place and their toilets are pretty crap but these were the worst.

I walked in and found a very dirty sink with something looking like someone had taken a shit in it and removed most of it but left some, the cold tap was surrounded by who know what, soap dispenser had soap but that was probably over a few years old, all the floor was dirty and messy, hand dryer covered in yellow watermarks and things atleast it worked, hot water heater wasn't so bad but it wasn't very clean, the radiator was rusty, dirty and probably broken, paint peeled off everywhere and that's just in the area that you wait for the cubicle or wash your hands. In the cubicle, the floor is still dirty, mould behind the toilet on the waste outlet pipe, mould on the door, dirty yellow seat, dirty toilet bowl, dust covering everywhere still ... I wonder why they bother having the toilet brush if they don't use it? And I did complain, I'm going to go back and see if they are cleaned, if not I'll complain again.

Here's the video showing all this:

Now the toilet bowl was Shires, a older batch I believe.
I think it looks just about the same as the newer batch, except the rim slides in a bit if you look at this next photo:
The logo starts with a larger letter and ends with the same unlike the other logo all in lower-case and same size.
The cistern I'm not sure what it's brand is, probably Shires and the handle looks replaced as I have seen it on modern toilets before. The cistern can be tempermental to get to flush as you will hear in the video.
Sound is good and the pressure is reasonable, flush isn't very long though.

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