Saturday, 5 April 2008

A Rare But Neglected TWYFORDS, Make Music

Found in Make Music in Kettering, this neglected toilet is very rare, it's a TWYFORDS with Viterious China below the logo.

Before you go "Yuck! Oh my God!" That in the bowl is just limescale. I know it's worse than Subway but this is a music shop, not a food establishment.
But it is dirty and I didn't want to be in there long but I had to take the chance and shoot the video and pictures.
Design I don't love nor hate.

Now here's the rare logo, never seen it before, it's quite unique. The words are curved when they'd usually be straight.

The cistern isn't the same as the one on the Shires from the dental centre.
It says: dauntlessELITE.
Yet again, I think it's another 9 litre cistern.
The button squeaks a lot when it's pressed, probably hasn't been used in a while.
Sound and pressure are good, though pressure would be better slightly higher but this toilet is very old.

Enjoy the video:

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